Returning Vendors Preregistration Ends March 15th

posted Mar 10, 2013, 10:17 AM by Johnson Davis
Preregistration for returning vendors ends this Friday, March 15th.  If you were a vendor at the 2012 event and have not already registered, complete your registration before March 15th to get Priority Placement.

What is priority placement?  It has to do with the order in which we place booth spaces based on vendors preference.   We have three placement groups for this year's event:
  • Premium Placement - Vendors that registered for their 2013 booth at the 2012 event get this highest placement priority.  As long as there are no changes in the master booth plan, or a conflict with another premium placement vendor, these vendors are guaranteed to get the space they requested.
  • Priority Placement - Returning vendors that register by March 15th get this second highest placement priority.  They can have any space they choose that has not been reserved by a premium placement vendor, or reserved by another priority placement vendor that registered first.
  • General Placement -  In addition to new vendors, this will also include returning vendors that register after March 15th.  After premium and priority placement, all remaining vendors will be placed according to their preferences in the spaces remaining based on registration date.
The Registration Page is at