Even More Vendors and Local Groups

posted Aug 22, 2012, 7:36 AM by Johnson Davis

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know the lists of Vendors and Local Groups is up on the website.  This year we have 60 vendor booths with all manner of wonderful products and services, and 14 local groups hosting information booths where you can learn about different Pagan paths.  Follow these links for more details:

Vendors     http://www.cncppd.org/attend/vendors 

  1. Bell, Book & Candle
  2. Bike Part Jewelry
  3. Black Wolf
  4. Blessed Bead Jewelry
  5. Camelot Treasures
  6. Carolina Spirit Quest, Inc.
  7. Charming Bear Gifts
  8. Compass Rose- Emerald Isle
  9. Crystal Harmony
  10. Curious Goods Curios
  11. D-Squared
  12. Designing Impressions Crochet
  13. Dragon Wynd
  14. Earth Traditions
  15. Edenistic Tendencies
  16. Enchanted Woods
  17. Forever Scorched
  18. Gail Edmundson
  19. Glass Goddess
  20. Golden Phoenix Society
  21. Gypsy Raku
  22. Hodge Podge Pagans
  23. Idhavelli Hof
  24. Imagine Whimsy
  25. Life Eclectic
  26. Linda Searcy Jewelry Designs
  27. Madame Melinda Tarot
  28. Maggie Moon Tarot
  29. Magnolia House (ToBeRaw.com)
  30. Maiden Mother Crone
  31. Making Magick
  32. Mermaid Mansion
  33. Metaphysical Mercantile
  34. Muddy Owl & Friends
  35. My Enchanted Designs
  36. NaturesWindow
  37. Obsidians Caldera
  38. Olivia's Forest
  39. Sew Evil
  40. Shasta's Treasures
  41. Silver Sisters Cottage
  42. Stahnika's Gifts
  43. Starrlight Mead
  44. Stoned Leather / Astrology Services
  45. Swanfire Farm
  46. Taylor's Jewelry
  47. Thaumaturgy 777
  48. The Clerics Pantry
  49. The Peddler and The Crow
  50. The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions
  51. The Thorr's Hammer Site
  52. Tree of Life Designs
  53. Triskel Moon Farms
  54. Truely Unique
  55. Turquoise Temple
  56. TuTu Adorable Fairy Boutique
  57. Warsin Studios
  58. WendyMehndi Henna and Body Art
  59. White Hart Haunt and Nox Fox
  60. Wisewoman Tarot

Local Groups     http://www.cncppd.org/attend/local-groups 

See you soon!

Pagan Pride Raleigh is the Central NC Chapter of the international Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster pride in Pagan identity, and to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs, all through education, activism, charity and community.

The annual festival attracts nearly 2000 pagans, pagan friends and the pagan curious every year. Open to the general public, this autumn celebration offers two days of both entertainment and education through social, commercial and spiritual activities. All are welcome to join or observe rituals, attend workshops, meet local groups, and much more, all in a festival environment full of vendors, music, and fun.

Sept. 15 and 16, 2012, NC State Fairgrounds Gate 5, 974 Youth Center Dr, Raleigh, NC
Gates open 10:45am, Saturday and Sunday