Therianthropy 101

This will be an introduction into explaining the Therianthropy community. This is a discussion panel for the purpose of education and awareness of this community. Therianthropy, on its basic definition, is people who identify as a non-human animal on a spiritual or at-least psychological level. It has a lot in common with shamanism, animal totemism, and even Viking berserkers. Come and learn more about these "Spiritual Werewolves" and other animals and our community.

Lunar Flare

I am male, 32 years old, live in Durham and work at UNC.
I have hosted this discussion panel twice before at Furfright and Furry Weekend Atlanta. This is not roleplaying nor is it furry fandom, this is a spiritual and/or intellectual pursuit for those who are born this way.
I am very comfortable leading this panel. I have done lots of public interaction, as well as entertainment, with the NC Renaissance fair. As far as the Therianthropy community, I have been working with it for 15 years, and been a Therianthrope all my life ;)