The Witch's Pyramid: Yin and Yang

The Witch's Pyramid is a cornerstone of Western occult magick, outlining the active expressions of each element: To know, to will, to dare and to keep silent, culminating in the Wiccan Rede, "To harm none." However, Hermetic principles tell us that everything in nature has polarity and gender, above and below. In this workshop we will explore the traditional, active/outward/asculine expressions of the Witch's pyramid, but then we will delve deeper into the passive/ inward/feminine expressions of each element, thus unlocking the true power of each energetic force, and the true power of the practitioner.

Michelle Jenkins of The Sojourner 

Michelle Jenkins is the owner of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions in Greenville, NC, a Priestess within The Sojo Circle, henna artist, Reiki healer and past-life retrieval clairvoyant through her side-venture of Heron Rising Spiritual Services. She created and is currently in the 4th year teaching a 48 week training program in Modern Witchcraft, that explores the art, science, psychology and religion of this modern, nature-based spiritual framework. She's also lectured on the subject at ECU and local community colleges, and participates in the Interfaith Alliance of Eastern NC.