Spiritual House Cleaning

This class will instruct you in the many and varied techniques for ridding your home of negative energy and drawing in positive energy. We will go way beyond just smudging with Sage. You will learn how to use oils, Holy Water, “wards”, herbs, Feng Shui, magickal sigils, incenses, Guardian Spirits and more. The overall goal is not only to protect your home from evil and negative energy, but also to draw in positive blessings and good fortune.


Magus is the proprietor of Thaumaturgy 777 www.thaumaturgy777.com He is a practicing magician in the traditions of Hoodoo, Golden Dawn and Pagan magick. Magus provides an array of services for clients, such as spell work, tarot and geomancy readings, astrology readings, training in the magickal arts and more.