Planning your own Wedding

So you want to get married but are afraid your family will not "approve" or understand your desires for a wedding that includes Pagan elements. Join All Faith's Wedding Officiants Jac and Liz Grimes as they explore how you can incorporate Ritual Elements into your Wedding and still honor family member's expectations. They will discuss what is legally required, what people expect at a wedding and how you can take charge of your ceremony. Time will be available for discussion.

Rev. Liz and jac grimes

 Revs Jac and Liz Grimes are Interfaith Community Ministers specializing in Weddings, Re-commitments, Holy Unions, Handfastings, Same Sex Unions, Theme Weddings, and Family Blending, They work with people of all faiths and religious backgrounds, including all major faiths, agnostics, atheists and Pagans. Liz is a solitary practitioner and Jac is a Pagan friendly, Zen Buddhist Unitarian Universalist.