Modern Mythos and Eclectic Magic

A look at following an ancient tradition in a modern world. Whether it's praying to Asphaltia for a good parking space, protecting our computers with crystals or embracing the divine nature of The Fellowship of the Rings. We will discuss how our path is influenced by today's society, and how non-traditional magic can be harnessed. To highlight the contrast, class beings with a traditional blessing and ends with a grounding meditation featuring Dirt Flavored jelly Beans!

Rosemary Grace

I am an eclectic pagan who teaches that magical intent is often more important than magical props. For six years I have led classes on subjects such as crystal and herb magic, aromatherapy, color therapy and children's classes as well! Currently I am expanding my perfume and candle company, with an eclectic magic twist.

You may also know me as Sister Sarah. I am a certified hoodoo practitioner who has led several past workshops at PPD on the subject of Hoodoo and Mojo Bags