Color Magick

Colors have meaning!
Colors have specific and innumerable effects on Us. The rich jewel tones, floaty pastels, and all shades of gray are with Us everyday; sharing and influencing our lives.
Color Magick incorporates the magickal, sociological, psychological, and the spiritual in it's practice.
We will discuss the meanings and influence of color, how it's used in current society, and examples & tips on how we can use it in mundane and magical practices.
(Workshop will include Color Formulas for: job interviews, good health & sleep, mood/depression relief, dieting help, & more.)

Kara Storms

I've been a practicing Eclectic Witch for about 20 years now. I am also, an Artist, Design Consultant for interior & exterior spaces, and sole owner of 'Life Eclectic'; a multi- artisan endeavor that includes jewelry, painting, photography, Up-Cycle/Green furnishings, accessories, and more.