Animism in Ritual and Everyday Life

Animism is the belief that all things have a spirit, and that this spirit has some level of consciousness and some awareness of other spirits around it, an awareness that comes with desires, responsibilities and choices. When you have fully incorporated this belief into your world view, it brings with it real respect for nature and a sense of our humble place in the universe. We will discuss applying animism, not only in our spiritual pursuits, but also while washing our hair, driving to work, preparing lunch, and cleaning the house.

Johnson Davis

Both deeply spiritual and terribly irreverent, I have followed Pagan paths for about 26 years. Lately, I have served as a Local Coordinator for Pagan Pride Raleigh, as the Southern U.S. Regional Coordinator for the International Pagan Pride Project, and on the council for the Church of the Earth in Raleigh.