Our generous stable of vendors and local groups have donated a wide variety of goods and services to be raffled and auctioned off! All proceeds from these raffle items go to covering the costs of operating Pagan Pride Raleigh, so buying a raffle ticket is a great way to show your support for our community and ensure the continued success of the festival--plus you'll have a chance at winning one of these fabulous prizes!

We will have multiple raffles going on during the festival.  Buy as many raffle tickets as you'd like, and gather when the drawings are announced to see if it's your lucky day!

2013 Raffle Donors

Truely Unique

A Chinese Dragon marionette may bring prosperity and auspiciousness of all kinds into your life, or at least look pretty cool hanging in the corner of the room. So, stage your own Chinese Dragon dance at the kitchen table, get creative with a video camera and some cardboard buildings, or just sit back and let the magic of this marionette bring a little dragon into your life.

Starrlight Mead

Enjoy a mead tasting for you and seven friends at Starrlight Mead in lovely Pittsboro! You will be led through the tasting of 8 of Starrlight's delicious honey wines by an experienced staff member, and learn about the mead making process and the history of mead along the way. Plus, you'll go home with complementary souvenir glasses! That's an astonishing $40 value per attendee! You must be 21 years of age to win this raffle item.

Any Witch Way

A big basket of fun awaits one lucky raffle ticket buyer with this beautiful gift basket! You get all this fabulous stuff ($90 value!):

Framed Josephine Wall Print (Tree Of Peace), White 7 Day Jar Candle, Bumper Sticker (Hand To Hand We Cast The Circle), Mt. Shasta Sage 8 Inch Smudge Stick, Henna Tattoo Kit, Black Lighter With Dragonfly Design, 2 White Tealight Candle & 2 Black Tealight  Candles, Amber Butter Perfume, Wisdom Fragrance Oil, Sterling Silver Yin-Yang Earrings, Laser Cut Pegasus Light Cube With Base, Handcrafted Rune Set With Storage Bag, Incense Set (Celtic Knot Burner, 40 Mini Sticks, & 12 Cones).

Cthulhu has started to brew up some mischief in his handy cauldron--but as always, the Great Old One is looking his best with a stylish purple hat! Witch Cthulhu is fashioned from clay, hand-painted and set upon a base constructed of wood and ballast. This delightful figurine depicting the Dreamer in the Depths is normally a $20 value, but he can be your buddy forever (and we do mean forever) for just a single raffle ticket!

Celestial Skies

One lucky person will win this lovely gift set from Celestial Skies. The winner will enjoy a unique handcrafted pendulum with a green aventurine focal stone dangling from a row of ten genuine picture jasper beads. Also included is a handcrafted tree of life pendant containing genuine Swarovski crystals and jade beads. Both items have a combined worth of $30!

Earth Traditions

From the artisans of Earth Traditions, raffle entrants get a chance at this beautiful scrimshaw moon pin by artist Kim McClelland! This stunning piece of lunar flair is normally a $19 value!

Iron Clown Studios

Danny Hirajeta, one of the artists at Truely Unique, is donating a most interesting tarot deck. He says, "The Hirajeta Tarot is a fully illustrated 78 card tarot deck that I have created.  Each card has been penciled and inked and colored by myself with the help of a few amazing colorists. I think you'll find in this deck something that is missing from all other tarot sets and that's life's gritty nature."

Joyful Working

One raffle winner will receive a gift certificate that is good for one service from Joyful Workings! Available services include a Ceremony/Ritual Design by Joy; an Energy Healing by Opal; a Sacred Listening by Opal; or, a Tarot Reading by Joy!

Raleigh Fruitcakes

The Raleigh Fruitcakes are a bunch of Queer Pagans and allies committed to the spirit of joy. We use co-creative magic to tend the landscape of change. This year at Pagan Pride Raleigh, the Fruitcakes will be creating two 'magic carpets', one to be decorated Saturday and the other on Sunday, and donated to the raffle! The rugs are each approximately 6' x 6' and are being repurposed as collaborative artwork. The original color of the rug fabric is blue, but they will hopefully be covered with with the amazing art of our Central NC Pagan community by the end of each day. The Fruitcakes would liek to encourage people to come by their booth and contribute to the art! They can see the pieces up close and make it that much more personal. The rugs will likely change frequently throughout the day, capturing the eclectic essence of our festival and functioning as a kind of energetic reservoir for the community.

Truely Unique is a patron of many local artists, offering a home for fine handcrafted goods you won't find anywhere else! This Tree of Life necklace by Simply D'liteful is one such treasure. This gorgeous handmade pendant by Stephanie Authement sports a haunting twisted wire design embellished by green accent beads.

Sosanna's Closet

This lovely gift basket from Sosanna's Closet contains a glass scrying mirror, a bundle of California White Sage, a packet of ritual rosemary, a Sosanna’s Closet Serenity Candle, and a $20.00 Gift Certificate for Sosanna’s Closet! That's a $35 value to the lucky winner!

Also from the artists at Truely Unique, this pack of soy wax melting tarts works much like a fragrant potion! Witch's Brew, a bubbling potion to bewitch your senses by A State Of Grace, is an intoxicating blend of pomegranate, black currant, anise seed, juniper and sugared citrus. Each package is resealable and holds 6 heavily fragranced, richly colored soy wax tarts (total weight 3 ounces of wax per package). Burn time for each tart is around 10 hours, meaning 1 package will last 60 hours.

Thaumaturgy 777

Enjoy free tuition for the Nascent Magician magickal correspondence course! Terms of the course are available at the Thaumaturgy 777 website. You are eligible to take all 12 lessons of the course, which is the work, teaching and training in the arcane art of magick.

The course is for serious students only. This certificate is transferable.

Tree of Life Designs

This Everyday Hearth & Home Smudge Kit by Tree Of Life Designs includes everything you need to begin your smudging journey! Your kit will include the following: large green abalone shell censer, 6" tripod stand, 2 tubes (10 disks each) easy light charcoal, metal charcoal tongs, feather to disperse smoke, instruction sheet and 2 ounce bag of herbal house smudge blend!

Wendy Mehndi

On both days of the festival, a lucky raffle ticket buyer will win a $15 gift certificate good for the purchase of a henna or glitter tattoo! Pick from one of Wendy Feldman's amazing designs and bedazzle your limb of choice with some stylish art!

White Hart Haunt

This beautiful and whimsical fairy circle wine glass is up for the taking to a lucky raffle ticket buyer! Sip your favorite beverage from this charming piece of glassware (and maybe stop by their booth and pick up a few matching ones for your friends to enjoy, too!)

WitchEver Designs

Wear this rosary proudly and use it daily to connect spirit to the divine with the power of prayer! The rosary features a silver-tone pentacle charm, grey and white glass pearl beads, and Sapphire Australian Jasper beads for meditation, perseverance, and helping one hear messages clearly. Rosary is blessed and charged for positive intent. $25 value!

Yarn Twisters

This cunning hat by Yarn Twisters boasts three lovely shades of yarn and is perfect for keeping you warm in space. When a man walks down the street in this hat, people know he's not afraid of anything. (That goes for women, too, by the way.) These usually go for 20 credits, but some lucky pirate will wear it out of this mighty fine shindig for nothing but the price of a raffle ticket!

Want even more cunning to go with your headgear? Keep the chill of the black off your neck with a scarf to match that hat! Buy up your tickets both days and get the entire set!